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Alteryx 101 for Excel Users

You have a data file. You need to manipulate some data in the file (changing or cleaning some data, adding or removing rows or columns). In Excel, this can take hours, if not days. How do you save yourself time by doing it in Alteryx? In this handy crib sheet, we’ve listed the most common manipulations and how you might approach them using Alteryx.

Alteryx is like a big flow chart, so if you can write down the steps or draw your process, then you’ll find building your workflow a lot easier.

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Show Me How: Circle Views

Continuing our series on “Show Me How” charts, this blog post is looking at the Circle View. These are interesting charts and are often lead on to other report.

Simple Circle View

A simple Circle View

What we have is a representation of all of our data points plotted against one axis, which allows us to see the spread. In the image above, I’m able to compare my Profit by customer, and I have added an additional dimension on Columns so that I can see this for each State.

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REF 2014 Analysis

We’re very aware that the Higher Education sector will be trawling through the REF 2014 data published yesterday, to find out how well they did, and what impacts this will have on their league table rankings and their public funding.

We’ve put together a simple dashboard to help you look into the results, and published it to Tableau Public. Remember, like other Tableau Public visualizations, you can download the report and use the data in your own reports. If you’d like to see anything else in it, please get in touch.

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The Wandering Minstrel – Whole Foods – 13 November 2012

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The Wandering Minstrel – Malvern Hills – 11 November 2012

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The Wandering Minstrel – Car mount project – 12 November 2012

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The Wandering Minstrel – Generator – 09 November 2012

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The Wandering Minstrel – Breakfast – 03 November 2012

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The Wandering Minstrel – Gloucester Cathedral – 27 October 2012

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The Wandering Minstrel – Motorway – 26 October 2012

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