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Sat in the Oratory on Ash Wednesday (where as a treat there is no Allegri Miserere mei!), I have been deliberating as to how to mark Lent. Previously I have given up alcohol, not shaven, or some other sundry sacrifice. The fact is, I can’t see this being a huge sacrifice. This year I have been looking at my charitable donations, so it seems fit that I should support some charities as my “sacrifice”. Currently I am supporting the new Music Building at the University of Birmingham, and the Midlands Air Ambulance. So I will find something else to add … Continue Reading

Balaam’s Wood published

I have just published my latest geocache, Balaam’s Wood. This is a D5 cache set somewhere near Rubery Great Park, and involves the hunter having to decode a short extract of Mendelssohn music to work out the final co-ordinates. I hope you enjoy it!