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I’m sorry about the quality, but I’m not sorry about seeing three Pumas, six Chinooks, and three police Eurocopters in formation during my GST. Oh and I have my licence back, I can legally fly aeroplanes again!

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2018/67 Kudos @aerlingus #internationalwomensday #teampixel

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2018/57 A study in fish-eye.

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2CM3CNx

2018/51 A study of the pointy end of an Airbus. @aerlingus #a320 #teampixel

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2018/49 Went for a walk to Kew Gardens. These two wanted to come with me.

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2018/48 Aerial.

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2018/42 Not another mountain photo… #teampixel

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2018/34 “There’s a pheasant in your garden.” “Oh, he’s here quite regularly. Is he on his own this time?” #countrylife #teampixel

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2018/35 At the back for last week’s concert entitled “Mozart’s Women”.

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2018/38 A child start in Dublin #teampixel #nofilter

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