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2018/30 That time you go for a lunchtime ride to find your bike has been stolen.

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2018/28 West door into the local shed.

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2018/27 A Saturday spent mostly drinking beer.

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2018/26 Airport five in four days. Six in eight.

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2018/25 A bit of air brake. Somewhere over Staffordshire on the decent into BHX.

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2018/19 Sunset from 36000ft. On my way back to the UK, for the first time this year.

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2018/14 Mixing it up very slightly. Sunrise, rather than a sunset. Still a mountain. #teampixel

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2018/13 Skiing again. This is the view of the Aletsch Glacier today. #teampixel #nofilter

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201*/6 A special Sixth January post. In the last four years, the sixth day of they year has been skiing (Whistler 2015, Aspen 2017, Gstaad 2018). I thought I’d throw in the other three most recent years… A #catsofinstagram, taking photos of my old A3 to sell, and a photo of a chart at MoneySupermarket HQ.

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2018/7 Let’s try two of my favourite things, at the same time: Mountains and sunsets. Very slidey today at Zweisimmen/Gstaad. Ski quality low. I should have gone to where the snow was at.

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