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2017/365 A long wait to get up Madrisa Seilbahn (I would describe as a clusterf***), but it’s worth it for the bluebird weather we’ve got today. The Shaffürggli 6 has stopped six times on the six rides I’ve had on it… All very sudden. Not the best hill in Davos-Klosters but very sunny.

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2017/363 Sunrise in the ghost town that was Basel on the last working day of the year.

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2017/362 Sunrise at Gatwick. This is the first time I’ve worked between Christmas and New Year. Ever.

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2017/364 Ice Hockey Game/new Stadium 2017.4. Spengler Cup between HC Davos and the Swiss National Team. All this after a long day on the slopes, in the snow.

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2017/353 Back here again. More candlelight concerts this week.

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2017/352 My last walk to the office from this apartment, and Basel has been dusted with this white stuff everyone in the UK seems to talk about. #teampixel

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2017/351 The sun came out. For a brief period.

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2017/350 I’m not normally a spontaneous person, but at 2100 Kay night I finally decided where to ski this weekend, and it’s here. Powder day! (Which for be, means lots of falling over.)

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2017/344 Got pretty wet today going for a walk in the rain. Good to know my layering works, at least for the upper half of the body. This was my alternate avoiding the gales/heavy snow in the Alps.

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2017/338 I’m becoming quite the regular on this Monday morning flight thingy. #nofilter #teampixel

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