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2017/230 When the boss is away, everyone else is too. I had the office to myself. (For the record, we had people at other desks in the building)

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2017/229 Another Prom: Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony. I thought I’d try a different angle to the Royal Albert Hall.

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2017/236 Cocktail Making Class. #teamEXASOL #teampixel #nofilter

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2017/235 I wonder how many people have actually noticed the clock at Hammersmith. On the District and Piccadilly lines, the clock features the line colours.

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2917/225. There are days when you get completely thrown upside down. I tried doing one of the things I love the most, and ended up walking away angry and frustrated. I’ve spent the rest of the day reading this book, cover to cover. It’s probably the first book I’ve read in years. And yet, I shouldn’t put it down. Read ‘Ready Player One’. It’s worth the time. #readyplayerone

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2017/213 The wall has gone! #teamEXASOL @exasolag is growing in London!

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2017/212 Evening out on a boat.

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2017/219 A bit of noise and Walton’s Balshazzar’s Feast has stirred me out of a slump. For how long, I wonder.

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2017/218 I needed to get out of the flat. Kew is practically on my doorstep, and it rarely fails me.

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2017/216 Home to another colourful sunset. Red sky at night, shepherd’s set the barn alight.

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