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2017/211 Dublin Airport Terminal 2. Fantastic colours. This photo does actually include my ride for this evening.

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2017/210 Nothing like a bit of sea air to clear out the tubes.

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2017/209 This is the starter to a Wedding Breakfast. Stunning food all round, this really set off the tone. #unfiltered #foodporn

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2017/208 On an aeroplane. I seem to be spending my life on these things. Off to Ireland for a wedding.

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2017/206 (retropost) The view from outside my office.

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2017/204 (retropost) #blueberrywatch 437g picked tonight. Season total has now exceeded 1kg.

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2017/201 (retropost) John Williams at the #bbcproms. What a feast for eyes and years. Less so smell and personal space.

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2017/198 (retropost) Imperial College has many an imposing facade. This one being a regular view.

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2017/197 (retropost) #blueberrywatch

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2017/196 (retropost) Now that the #bbcproms season has begun, I’m going to be seeing a bit more of his underpass.

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