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2017/150 The morning after Bank Holiday Morning. 0600 waiting for my uber, before passportgate.

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2017/149 A lovely quiet day wondering around Kadrioru Park.

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2017/148 Enjoying an ice cream or two from @cortiletallin. Really enjoyed the Kibana.

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2017/147 I’ve had a weird fascination with this building ever since first visiting Tallinn in 2014. A few lights have disappeared, different graffiti, but still the same eerie abandoned building.

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2017/144 A meal out with colleagues. Schnitzel time! We got a little rained on, yet this did not detract from the food and beer.

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2017/143 I thought about documenting the fire alarm at work for today, but have instead opted for bowling night.

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2017/142 Backdated from Monday’s dinner. #steaknight

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2017/146 It seems like I live on aeroplanes. But this sunset made it all worthwhile.

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2017/141 Tennis tournament number 5: Nürnberger Versicherungscup. Great to see Tennis Royalty Judy Murray coaching youngsters, and later overhearing her experiencing Sauerkraut. Also passed one of my faves @geniebouchard but I have no proof.

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2017/131 Baking. This is dedicated to all my colleagues, past and present, particularly those on their Christmas work do and so will (probably) miss out on these.

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