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2017/59 Brentford Public Library. Not the most stunning of buildings but a bit of history stuck in the middle of a peculiar building site.

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2017/52 It doesn’t matter how gloomy the day, there is always the view from the Millennium Bridge to inspire. Whichever direction you face.

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2017/49 I’m getting lazy at this. Another failed resolution. I did enjoy this sunset though. Some great light bouncing between the buildings.

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2017/44 A blast from the past… Back on UoB campus.

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2017/43 Played a few games of Mahjong. This one didn’t last much longer… another 8 of bamboo was located fairly soon hereafter.

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2017/42 Man being lowered from Worcester Cathedral bell tower, during Evensong. I think we missed praying for the emergency services, who do a wonderful job. Photo by @hwfiregcwills

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2017/37 In Leeds for work, coincidentally the Tableau User Group North England. Great view from Deloitte’s 10th floor office. Apologies for the light reflections.

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2017/36 Today, I sang in a concert of Purcell music with Ex Cathedra in Birmingham Town Hall, which was great fun and seemingly well received. Since then, though, today’s gone downhill. I was supposed to be in Leeds by 2109, but due to difficulty near Sheffield, I find myself having to change in Manchester. I’m now getting ready to watch the Superbowl whilst traversing the Pennines in a train, and should arrive just short of 3 hours late.

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2017/32 Another Wednesday evening, another visit to New Street. I’ve missed rather a few days thanks to working too hard, so I must make more effort to get a photo in.

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