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2017/25 Another bit of surprise verse tonight, but only a rehearsal today. Quick three hour visit to Birmingham.

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2017/23 Who knew there was a table tennis table on top of Temple station?

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2017/22 A lovely Sunday singing at Worcester. Walton Missa Brevis, Walton Chichester Service, Gibbons See See The Word is Incarnate. Nice to do some verse.

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2017/21 In Worcester again this weekend. Good to give my little car a workout this time!

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2017/20 Possibly the shot I would have preferred on Wednesday. Better composition, better quality, better light. And it’s the weekend. In other news, the cough is back.

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2017/19 Another day in Southampton. It is one of my favourite cities in the UK… Lots of green space, a shipping and cruise hub, a fast train to London, and a John Lewis.

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2017/18 Temple station closed, so a rare evening walk to Waterloo. What a gorgeous city I live in. I must work out why the #PixelXL is so bad at low light when compared to the Nexus 6P.

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2017/17 Not feeling myself. Going out in the sunshine partly makes up for this.

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2017/15 Back at Worcester Cathedral for more depping. I’ve had a lovely day including some Howells; now for the arduous train journey back.

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2017/14 A bit of cat therapy.

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