A change of direction

Over the last two years, I’ve had the enormous pleasure of working with some of the finest Tableau, Alteryx and Business Intelligence minds in the country, not only my colleagues at The Information Lab, but at all of the clients we work with. Many of the leading figures in the worlds of Tableau are customers, championing not only what Tableau can do, but what it should (and should not) be doing, and how it’s helping them run their businesses.

I’ve also seen some very influential people decide to follow their dreams, particularly my sister who is now running Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten (anyone with young children near Worcester should take a look). A couple of other friends have left safe jobs or crossed continents to follow passions, in many cases, becoming freelance. For a long time, I’ve had a dream of working for one particular company. They’ve been close to my heart for many reasons.

Well, they called. They need a Tableau expert.

Today is my last day working for The Information Lab. It’s not that I want to leave: I couldn’t imagine a better place to work, or a better boss. If you’re not working with or for TIL then you should go and meet Tom Brown and see what I mean. I’ll miss not having Tableau Zen Masters or Alteryx Aces on the other end of the phone, or people who just know stuff throwing the most unbelievable content onto our internal social network (and onto Tableau Public). I’ve learned much on my journey to being an Accredited Tableau Trainer, the first Tableau Server Certified person in EMEA, and one of the first three people globally to be Certified for both Tableau Desktop and Server.

But when you can see your dream can turn into an opportunity you find ways of making it work. I’m taking a big risk leaving TIL, but it’s calculated and I’m really looking forward to it. Monday’s challenge will be fuelled by everything I’ve learned over the last ten years, but particularly the last two years when I’ve been thinking and working as a consultant. Perhaps you’ll see my name alongside a blog post or two for The Information Lab, but as of Monday I’ll be freelance working directly with Tableau customers, getting them into great shape.

Here’s to the greatest team of Tableau experts in the world. I’ll miss you!

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