Comm panel

Comm panelI have spent my spare time over the last few weeks crimping cables and this morning soldered some 7-segment cables for the next stage of my cockpit plan. I had aquired a 737 comm panel with the components for a display, but not wired up. This morning’s effort completed this. I also had to do some work on the buttons as they had been glued to the supporting frame using wood, so I took that out to hold the panel together with M3 bolts instead. The standby digits work and display the correct frequency, changed using the rotary encoder, and the transfer button will change the frequencies over. Next time I get ready to fly I will have to change the left hand display to show correctly.

I have also soldered, ready to be installed, two 4 number 7-segment displays, one for the QNH and one for the ATC panel, but have run out of crimps!!

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