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What do I want from our next Government?

I thought that as a way to work out what I really want from the upcoming General Election I would list them. Just so happens I have done so here.

  • Reform the Houses of Parliament, particularly to introduce proportional representation. At the moment, a constituent’s vote can get lost if they are in another party’s stronghold, and PR would mean that we are voting in the context of the country and not just a small part of it. Obviously this increases the position of smaller parties however this is not such a bad thing – no … Continue Reading

Comm panel

Comm panelI have spent my spare time over the last few weeks crimping cables and this morning soldered some 7-segment cables for the next stage of my cockpit plan. I had aquired a 737 comm panel with the components for a display, but not wired up. This morning’s effort completed this. I also had to do some work on the buttons as they had been glued to the supporting frame using wood, so I took that out to hold the panel together with M3 bolts instead. The standby digits … Continue Reading