I have spent much of today playing around with my home theatre equipment, mainly my new HTPC which is to replace my old Sony PVR. It’s not complete yet: I want to add a blu-ray drive and a DVB-S2 card (to be able to view and record Freesat in HD), but as of today I now have digital audio output so have proper surround sound and so it has reached the stage where the Sony has no benefits.

One thing I am finding is that the interface for MythTV (which it uses) is much better than in my old Sony PVR, it is able to ignore episodes have already been recorded or prioritise recordings which do not have another showing later on (even on another channel). It also doesn’t use the rather abused series flags (which E4 seems to incorrectly link a number of different programmes together) so I don’t have to delete programmes which I didn’t actually want to record.

As well as this I have been trying to sort out a problem with a program I wrote in my previous job. Even though I have just completed my first full-time week in my new job, I find I’m not completely disjointed from it. I’m sure this won’t last long, I am sure it is not uncommon for people moving within an institution. I’ve spent a lot of this week meeting people around the University and next week we should be able to put together the number model for the next five years, so interesting challenges all round.

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