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Sat in the Oratory on Ash Wednesday (where as a treat there is no Allegri Miserere mei!), I have been deliberating as to how to mark Lent. Previously I have given up alcohol, not shaven, or some other sundry sacrifice. The fact is, I can’t see this being a huge sacrifice. This year I have been looking at my charitable donations, so it seems fit that I should support some charities as my “sacrifice”. Currently I am supporting the new Music Building at the University of Birmingham, and the Midlands Air Ambulance. So I will find something else to add … Continue Reading

Saints win Superbowl!

I said on Twitter that I would explain more about my NFL allegiances. It’s an area I’ve been considering ever since I went to NFL UK 2008 when the Chargers lost “at” the Saints. At that stage I didn’t really have a team, in fact I didn’t really follow NFL that much, I went that year because I am interested in the game as I am with baseball and ice hockey following numerous trips to Canada and the USA. Having MLB and NHL teams and having followed the NFL closely in 2009 made me think that I should pick an … Continue Reading


I have spent much of today playing around with my home theatre equipment, mainly my new HTPC which is to replace my old Sony PVR. It’s not complete yet: I want to add a blu-ray drive and a DVB-S2 card (to be able to view and record Freesat in HD), but as of today I now have digital audio output so have proper surround sound and so it has reached the stage where the Sony has no benefits.

One thing I am finding is that the interface for MythTV (which it uses) is much better than in my old Sony PVR, … Continue Reading

Do I get a rest yet?

As many of you will know, I’ve been quite busy over the last few months. Christmas is always busy for me, as with the sheer amount of singing which goes on around then the first day I usually get to rest in December is Christmas Day. I spent the whole of Christmas with a bad cold and so it wasn’t quite as relaxing as I had hoped or needed. January wasn’t that much quieter either – Ex Cathedra’s 40-part concert on Sunday was very hard work and quite stressful, but performing is rewarding and enjoyable and the evening was rounded … Continue Reading

Welcome to my redesigned site

After a bit of work I have decided to revert back to a blog-style site, and to make a resolution to contribute a bit more regularly to it. For a short while, though, I need to migrate two previous sites into it so please bear with me.