FCU development

Over the last week or so I have been trying to improve the FCU and have now added some backlighting and the LCD displays. As you can see, neither is perfect, I need to put more LEDs behind the panel, put in a screen to stop light leaking around the LCDs, and to secure the LCD displays to the PCB. I am still not sure how to strengthen the stripboard as it is too bendy, and I also need to rewire some of the LEDs I have removed which sit between the LCDs. Software-wise I need the displays to start acting like Airbus – so getting them to change to dashes at the right times, there are also a couple of loose connections as you can see from the VS digits, and my altitude is a foot out. I may also need to put a bigger resistor on the green LEDs as they look a bit too bright. I have however found some 45 degree rotary switches for the EFIS and am working on some “new” PCs to run the software for VasFMC.


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