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FCU development

Over the last week or so I have been trying to improve the FCU and have now added some backlighting and the LCD displays. As you can see, neither is perfect, I need to put more LEDs behind the panel, put in a screen to stop light leaking around the LCDs, and to secure the LCD displays to the PCB. I am still not sure how to strengthen the stripboard as it is too bendy, and I also need to rewire some of the LEDs I have removed which sit between the LCDs. Software-wise I need the displays to start … Continue Reading

Hull Visit

On 8th August 2009 I had a trip up to see a couple of sims in the Hull area. These provided me with a fantastic opportunity to see two very well advanced A320 home cockpit constructions. Both are very different, one by Barry Kensett having more of an infrastructure, and one by Darren Sugden being more functional. Both have Opencockpits cards and SIOC (the programming system for them, which reassures my decision to go with these cards.

Barry Kensett's FCU