Blogger are beta-testing a new Blogger system, which I have decided to try and use due to a problem with my journal not publishing.

I’m back in Solihull this week after an intriguing Easter Weekend. Our priest at St. Michael’s will baptise children of unmarried and/or unbaptised parents, so on Easter Day she baptised four children from families which appeared and acted as if they had never before been in a church. They brought along a large supporting contingency which had the same appearance.

On Monday I went to the football again, the only thing of relevence I did that day. We were relagated on Saturday, even though we beat Sunderland, Bolton won with a stunning goal (that should be goal of the season) and thus made it impossible for West Brom to stay up. Against Tottenham on Monday we played well and conceded three good goals whilst giving away the lead twice.

On Tuesday (today) I went shopping and bought quite a lot of stuff on offer and some beer. Tomorrow is a mammoth day with the guys here – pizza followed by muchos beveragos whilst watching the Man United game.

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